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Fathers have a special place in a child’s life. The legal system has started to recognize this fact more and more in recent years, giving fathers more time in custody orders and a bigger say in their child’s life. That is not to say that as a man you won’t run into legal barriers and biases in family law. But with an experienced and dedicated attorney at your side, you can fight for your relationship with your child.

At Reuter Law Group, PC, our San Antonio family law attorneys have over 30 years of combined experience serving clients throughout Bexar County. Although we are a firm of strong female lawyers, we fight for the rights of both men and women in a variety of family law matters, including divorce, paternity actions, and child custody and child support. We will help protect your role as a father.

Establishing Paternity In Texas

When a child is born to parents who are not married, the father’s name may not end up on the child’s birth certificate. This leaves the father without any legal rights to the child. At some point, however, one or both parents may want to add the father’s name. If both of you agree about the father, you can sign a voluntary acknowledgment of paternity. If you do not agree, or if you are uncertain and want to be sure, you can pursue a paternity test.

Whether you are the mother or an alleged father, either of you can request a court-ordered paternity test. The test is a simple cheek swab of both the father and child, and the results usually come back within four to six weeks. If the test confirms that you are the father, you will be able to pursue your legal custody and visitation rights to your child. Be aware that the state will also consider you responsible for child support. Our San Antonio paternity attorneys can guide and advise you through this entire process.

Common Issues Faced By Men In Family Law

Despite advances for fathers in the law, you may still face certain challenges and biases. Consult with us if you have questions or concerns about any of the following:

  • Allegations of abuse – Unfortunately, sometimes divorce and custody cases become highly contentious and people make unfounded allegations regarding abuse. If you fear these allegations, we can help you formulate a response, defend you against protection orders or address real issues of violence in your family.
  • Signing an agreement – Negotiated settlement agreements can be a great option for divorcing couples with children. The key is to have your own attorney review the agreement before signing. Too often, men shortchange themselves when it comes to a custody agreement because they assume they would never be granted more by the court.
  • Child support payments – Whether you are paying child support for the first time or would like help modifying a long-standing order, we can review your situation to make sure you are treated fairly. Both parents have financial responsibility for a child. We will look out for your interests.

No matter your concerns, we will fight for you and your future with your child. Our attorneys are experienced and tenacious trial attorneys, ready to defend your rights.

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