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3 ways a financial advisor can help amid divorce

3 ways a financial advisor can help amid divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2024 | Property Division |

A Texas divorce brings about a whirlwind of emotions and changes. Amid the emotional turmoil, it is important to address the financial aspects of the separation to ensure a stable future.

A seasoned financial advisor can play a key role in guiding people through this process, providing valuable insights and strategies.

1. Financial assessment and planning

The first step toward financial stability amid divorce is an assessment of the existing financial situation. A skilled financial advisor can help people gather and organize their financial information, including assets, liabilities, income and expenses. By creating a clear picture of the financial landscape, the advisor can develop a strategic plan tailored to the client’s needs. This plan may include budgeting, debt management and investment strategies to ensure a solid foundation for the post-divorce financial journey.

2. Asset division guidance

Dividing assets can be complex and contentious A financial advisor can provide invaluable assistance by evaluating the implications of different asset division scenarios. He or she can analyze the tax implications, potential future growth and liquidity of assets to help clients make informed decisions. With a focus on long-term financial well-being, the advisor can help negotiate a fair and equitable division of assets that aligns with the client’s goals and priorities.

3. Future financial security

Securing financial stability post-divorce requires careful planning. A financial advisor can help clients set realistic financial goals, such as buying a new home or saving for retirement. By creating a financial roadmap, the advisor can guide clients in making sound financial decisions that align with their post-divorce life. This may include revisiting investment strategies, updating insurance policies and adjusting budgetary considerations, among related efforts.

According to AARP, women see their standard of living fall by 45% after a divorce. Men, meanwhile, see theirs fall by 21%. The expertise and guidance of a financial advisor can help reduce how much a split impacts one’s standard of living and help people work toward a more stable and secure financial future.