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Going over child support enforcement in Texas

Going over child support enforcement in Texas

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2023 | Child Custody and Visitation |

Parents who fall behind on child support should understand the potential consequences that they could face, whether they worry about their driving privileges or their financial accounts. In fact, back child support can result in time behind bars and other life-changing penalties, which underlines how crucial it is to stay current on these obligations.

For non-custodial parents struggling to pay child support, it is critical to review all options on the table, from modifying a child support order to establishing a payment plan. In addition, it is essential to understand how Texas enforces child support orders.

The penalties for falling behind on child support in Texas

The Attorney General of Texas goes over the different consequences that can arise when parents do not pay child support on time. For example, they could face a lien on their assets, such as their financial accounts, property, insurance settlement or retirement plan. In addition, the federal government denies passport applications to parents who owe a certain amount of unpaid child support. Non-custodial parents can also face the suspension of their driver’s license and other types of licenses, such as a professional, fishing or hunting license.

Addressing child support obligations promptly

Parents who face these enforcement actions should do all they can to pay arrears and deal with their back child support as soon as possible. After all, losing a license or passport could lead to additional financial hardships that make it even more difficult to stay current. For example, a parent could lose the ability to work after losing their license due to unpaid child support.