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Dividing the club memberships — is it even possible?

Dividing the club memberships — is it even possible?

On Behalf of | May 9, 2023 | High-Asset Divorce |

Country clubs and other members-only associations tend to allow new members on an invitation-only basis. They also often require large initial payments and require annual dues.

There is a good amount of investment that goes into these assets. How to distribute them during divorce can be a point of contention.

Club perks and access

Many clubs have a variety of perks that may represent a significant value. As an example, one of the premier country clubs in San Antonio offers:

  • Access to a members-only dining area at the clubhouse
  • Unlimited access for two courses inclusive of cart fees
  • Monthly private lesson allowance
  • Various discounts, access passes and partnership perks

Especially for golfers, these benefits tend to be highly desirable. However, even if one spouse is not a golfer, the club membership might still have considerable value. For example, a non-golfer custodial parent might want to keep a membership because of the potential and current social, athletic and recreational advantages that it provides for the children.

Exclusivity and other types of value

Many high-asset couples also have memberships outside of Texas. This might include highly exclusive clubs in major cities.

Being a part of these organizations often has a value that is difficult to assess. In order to achieve a fair and equitable division of community property, couples typically must maintain strict attention to detail.

Club rules tend to take precedence. Some clubs might want to preserve exclusivity, while others might be happy to double a membership. Some might negotiate, while others would stay to prescribed bylaws.