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Child support payments may need to change over time

Child support payments may need to change over time

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2022 | Child Support |

During divorce proceedings, a judge likely established a child support order. If it has been several years since you finalized your divorce, this support order may no longer reflect your current circumstances. You can apply for a modification to change these payments.

Texas courts allow child support modification for several reasons. The Office of the Attorney General of Texas recognizes that the child support guidelines could have changed over the years. Modification can bring your payments in line with the current recommendations. Additionally, you could experience significant changes in your circumstances. Your income may increase, and you could potentially provide additional support. Conversely, your children might spend more time with you than they did previously.

How do you request modification?

The Office of the Attorney General of Texas says that you need to request a review of the current child support order. You should explain why you want a modification and submit documentation about your change in circumstances. For a change in income, you might submit your tax returns. If your children spend more time with you, you can include a copy of the new custody order. Officials from the child support office review this information and notify you when they decide to approve or reject the request.

What is the review process?

If officials approve your request, your application moves on to the review process. Officials usually speak to you and your former spouse to decide what the new support order should look like. If you and your ex-spouse disagree about the details, you might need to appear in court. However, if you both agree during the negotiation process, officials can submit the proposed support order to a judge. The judge will review the document and sign it to make it official.

You should remember that officials may not approve every modification request. If they reject your request, you can ask for another review.