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Could a postnuptial agreement save your life?

Could a postnuptial agreement save your life?

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2021 | Marital Agreements |

If you are a man who is in an unhappy marriage, you may be heading toward some health problems. In fact, a recent study found men in unfulfilling unions were 94% more likely to have a stroke and 21% more likely to die in the next 30 years. This is likely due to the anxiety, stress and depression that often come with unhappy marriages.

For many couples, there are many ways to deal with failing marriages. Obviously, these options include divorce. Still, if you are not ready to call it quits, writing a comprehensive postnuptial agreement may save both your marriage and your life.

What is a postnuptial agreement?

Because of popular culture, you are probably familiar with prenuptial agreements. These are marital contracts couples sign before they walk down the aisle. Postnuptial agreements work much the same way, except couples negotiate them at some point after their marriages begin.

What can you put in a postnuptial agreement?

With few exceptions, the sky is the limit for the language you put in your postnuptial agreement. Commonly, though, spouses do the following:

  • Define marital and separate property
  • Outline spousal support in the event of a divorce
  • Address child custody and child support in the event of a divorce
  • Delineate marital roles

The last topic, the delineation of marital roles, may improve your marriage. That is, if you are struggling to share household duties or financial responsibilities, covering these issues in your postnuptial agreement may be advisable.

Ultimately, to realize the most health-related value from your postnuptial agreement, it is probably critical to include provisions that are likely to increase the happiness in your marriage.