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Managing your digital accounts in divorce

Managing your digital accounts in divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2021 | Property Division |

Nearly half of all marriages in Texas end up in divorce, and if you are among the younger couples facing a split, you’re more likely to face something that older people don’t. Be careful with the breakup of your digital accounts, especially if you think your ex-spouse will be vindictive and cause havoc.

Take control of your online accounts

If you have shared accounts for streaming services, social media, and even online banking, changed your passwords as soon as possible if you plan to keep those accounts solo after your divorce. Use a password generator to develop strong randomized passwords that your ex-spouse won’t be able to crack for any of your accounts.

The same holds true for shared devices like tablets, laptop computers, and other devices that you both have used. Back up what you need, and then wipe the device’s memory clean with a factory reset. Even if you have private accounts and devices, you should review them and make sure that none contain anything questionable that your former spouse can use against you.

Managing online accounts and kids

Electronic property division becomes even more complicated when you have kids as they may share the devices too. Come up with a plan early in negotiations about how to handle these issues and make sure any devices that your kids use don’t have your personal information on them.

While technology can complicate things more, it can also make your life easier when managing custody with your ex-spouse. Online tools can help you manage when and where each parent will have time with the little ones.

Not only do you have to divide your physical assets with your spouse during divorce, but you need to split your digital accounts too. Careful digital planning will help make your life easier and avoid unpleasant surprises.