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Relocating with children after divorce requires consideration

Relocating with children after divorce requires consideration

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2021 | Child Custody and Visitation |

Residents of Alamo Heights and other areas of Texas may want to learn more about custody agreements and what happens when one parent wants to relocate with the children. The type of custody arrangement that you have may determine if the court gets involved. Whether the move is in “good faith” may also have a bearing.

Good faith moves

If the move will put you closer to extended family members, the court may be more likely to approve it. A move that allows you to seek a better job would be seen in good faith. Continuation of education is also considered good faith if regular visits are still possible.

Bad faith moves

Moving as a form of revenge to get you away from your ex would not be seen favorably by the court. You’re moving to limit access to your children. Moving as a means of reducing child support is also considered bad faith.

Consideration given to parents’ involvement

A parent who is not involved with the kids will have less say when it comes to the other parent and children moving away. If that same parent does not abide by the time agreement, their say is also likely to hold sway in court. The past keeping of child custody and visitation arrangements will be of important consideration.

Notification should be well in advance of the move

The court expects that you will give notification of your moving intentions as soon as you decide. You can never move away without the consent of the other parent. The best interests of the child will be the court’s determining factor. You may have to prove the benefit of the move for your child.

If you need help with a custody agreement, it may be smart to consult an attorney with experience and knowledge of child custody law. Your attorney may help you move forward with a better understanding of your rights and responsibilities as a parent.