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How to talk to your kids about divorce

How to talk to your kids about divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2023 | Divorce |

When planning for your divorce, you must consider how you communicate with your children.

Here is some information on how to talk about divorce with kids. You can use this to help plan for talking to your kids about it so they can cope better.

Have both parents present

When you undertake the initial divorce discussion, it is best to have both parents there. While there is no guarantee that it will go over well, both parents communicate that the situation does not indicate hostility within the family.

Consider their age

The easiest way to frustrate your child is to talk to them like they are younger or older than they are. Instead, explain your divorce in language that is age appropriate.

Understand that they might not understand

Very young children have trouble understanding what divorce means. If your child is under five, it is best to explain the situation as simply as possible.

Reassure your children

As a loving mother or father, you know that you need to be there for your children. However, with divorce changing the dynamic for more families, you must reassure your children that their feelings and situation do not make them an outcast.

Your divorce is probably changing your life and relationships, including your parenting. However, it is time to be patient with your child. Comfort them in their time of need. Remind them that you love them, no matter the relationship between you and your spouse. Validate your children’s feelings and consider them when deciding about divorce.