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How can you create a mutually beneficial prenuptial agreement?

How can you create a mutually beneficial prenuptial agreement?

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2023 | Marital Agreements |

A prenuptial agreement can protect your assets despite turbulence in your marriage. Creating an agreement that benefits both of you will require time and careful planning.

The manner you discuss a prenuptial agreement may strongly influence your partner’s willingness to consider it. Due to its sensitive nature, U.S. News reports that many couples that would benefit from having a prenuptial never set one up.

Take your time

Start your prenuptial well in advance of your wedding. Waiting until your special day approaches will likely mean an increase in stress as you need to coordinate wedding details. You will want to allow enough time for a thoughtful discussion, as well as time for your partner to consider your proposal and respond with confidence.

Represent both sides

Even if the idea of a prenuptial is to protect your assets, you should always make sure it fairly represents both sides. Reiterate your desire for your partner to have financial stability for the duration of a lifetime. Look for creative ways to make a prenuptial agreement appealing and rewarding for both of you.

Be honest

Be honest and realistic with your expectations. Recognize that inflating numbers, being too stingy and using deception may only come back to hurt you. Additionally, behaving in that manner can cause feelings of distrust in your relationship.

A functional, rewarding prenuptial agreement will require cooperation and compromise from both of you. Approaching the process of putting together an agreement from a place of love might make all the difference in the outcome.