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Going over factors that can affect alimony

Going over factors that can affect alimony

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2022 | Divorce, High-Asset Divorce |

If you are bringing your marriage to an end, it is essential to protect your interests, especially if you have a high net worth. Whether you want to secure alimony that you believe you deserve or you have concerns about owing maintenance, it is essential to review factors that courts look at when determining the amount of spousal support one has to pay.

In addition, it is essential to stay current on spousal support obligations in order to avoid enforcement action.

Financial issues that impact alimony awards

According to the Texas Constitution and Statutes, various financial matters can affect the amount of alimony one has to pay, such as each party’s financial resources following divorce, the earning ability of each party and the property that each party brought into the marital union. If a parent has to pay child support, this could also play a role in alimony.

Other factors courts review when awarding alimony

Aside from financial matters, many other factors can determine whether a court awards alimony and the amount owed. Family violence, adultery, a homemaker’s contributions during the marriage and one’s contributions with respect to their spouse’s training or education can impact alimony awards. Courts also look at the length of a marriage when making decisions regarding alimony.

It is crucial to prepare yourself for alimony payments you expect to owe and make sure you stay current. If you find yourself in the middle of a high-asset divorce with a lot of money at stake, it is pivotal to focus on all financial facets of the divorce process, carefully understand your options and plan ahead.