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How can you regularly deal with a narcissistic co-parent?

How can you regularly deal with a narcissistic co-parent?

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2022 | Child Custody and Visitation |

Dealing with a narcissist can drain you and cause you to lose focus on what is important. When you have to continually deal with a co-parent who acts like this, it can leave you feeling confused and tired.

Taking the time to learn tactics and ways to prevent stress while dealing with a narcissistic co-parent can help you take care of your children.

Prepare for problems

According to Psychology Today, one way to prevent yourself from getting into a fight with a frustrating co-parent is to stay aware. Before starting a tough conversation, take time to complete breathing exercises or other methods of calming yourself down.

Once you notice tension beginning to build in a conversation, feel free to excuse yourself or take a break. The best way to deal with someone who is trying to manipulate you through guilt is to politely but firmly set boundaries.

Find ways to prevent stress

While it can feel easy to ignore some tactics a narcissist uses, you may become more stressed as time goes on. Talking to your co-parent while stressed can create more problems and arguments. It is important to find hobbies and methods you can use to take your mind off of this issue, such as art classes or regular exercise.

Let small issues go

While it may feel important to argue about every broken promise, knowing the difference between a seriously unsafe situation and a minor annoyance can help you. If your co-parent is putting your children in danger, then discuss this matter seriously. If not, then you should write and document what happened and take other steps if it gets worse.

Dealing with a narcissist can be tiring, but learning about how to properly save your energy and prevent fights can help you.