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How can a prenup work for you?

How can a prenup work for you?

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2021 | Marital Agreements |

Even though you feel a lot of excitement about your upcoming wedding in Texas, you may also wonder if a prenup can add value to your relationship. Knowing how a prenuptial agreement works may help you determine its necessity in your marriage.

A well-written prenup may minimize the drama and unwanted outcomes that often happen after a divorce. Even though you may not think that separation will ever happen, having some protections in place can improve your peace of mind.

Preserve financial stability

Accumulating wealth takes time and requires patience and strategic thinking. Particularly in situations where you have notable assets, you may have concerns about ownership should your relationship ever end. According to U.S. News, a prenuptial agreement can encourage financial transparency, as well as create formal responsibilities for repayment of marital debts. Both of these factors can better protect your assets and aid in preserving your financial stability in the wake of divorce.

Equally as important, a prenuptial agreement can include instructions and expectations for both you and your spouse in a divorce situation. Because a prenup maintains precedence in courts of law, it may better protect you against unfounded claims or accusations from your spouse throughout your marriage.

Improve trust and respect

Knowing that each other cares about building a relationship of trust and respect may create a foundation for a sustainable relationship. In fact, you can include a sunset clause which essentially dissolves your prenup after a length of time if you no longer feel it is necessary.

Discussing a prenuptial agreement with your spouse may give each other a clearer picture of individual expectations prior to marriage. With this in mind, both of you can look forward to honoring the other’s wishes as you prepare to build a lifetime of memories together.